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Waterproofing Home

 Waterproofing and foundations is our full service Massachusetts basement waterproofing and foundation repair company. We have been repairing foundations and sealing basement walls for three generations on the North Shore of Boston and all of Eastern Massachusetts. Our company is based in masonry repairs and construction, providing the on-staff experience necessary to fully repair your foundation's structure the correct way before waterproofing or sealing.
 We know exactly how to waterproof a basement if its made from stone, brick, or concrete block. Basement waterproofing with expert foundation repairs to restore and waterproof your foundation.
We are state licensed
basement waterproofing contractors with our CSL (Construction Supervisors License)and HIC, carry full liability and workman's compensation insurance, are members of the Better Business Bureau 

 Waterproofing foundations is a process in which we have experience in every aspect. Your foundation walls may need simple repairs and sealing or perhaps you have complex water issues. Determining your foundation's repair needs and identifying the cause of water infiltration or seepage is our primary purpose.
 We specialize in masonry foundations, having our roots in New England masonry we are most familiar with stone and brick foundations.


 If your home or business is in need of foundation repairs or basement waterproofing we can help.

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 Waterproofing foundations
is all about barriers and volume. If your foundation walls have a great enough barrier to stop the volume of water, then a barrier is in place and the ground water rises and creates run off completing the water table cycle.

 If your foundation walls have holes and cracks the barrier is void and then water infiltrates. Old, deteriorated lime joints lose their waterproofing ability over time by ground water wicking through the foundation walls from hydrostatic pressure and capillary action. This water cycle process of ground water and salts deteriorates the foundation base joints and causes seepage and/or loose flaky joints.      
 Removing these soft lime joints and re-pointing with portland cement based mortars restores the necessary barrier to prevent leaks and water infiltration.

 If the volume of outside water is too great it can be differed by drains and down spout extensions. Interior elevation issues can be addressed with interior perimeter drains and sump pumps.
 We very rarely have to rely on perimeter drains, excavators or sump pumps
 Almost all foundation waterproofing can be completed by thorough wall repairs, water diversion and waterproofing coatings.


Waterproofing Foundations Repairs

Exterior or interior foundation cracks or voids - Loose foundation stones, blocks or bricks - Bowing foundation walls
Exterior grade issues or water pooling at foundation -  Down spout or gutter issues - Cracked basement floors -
Water seepage, infiltration or flooding - Foundation wall failures - Exterior, below grade concrete aprons and plugging
Flaky lime joints void of cement bonds - Interior basement walls, plaster coating flaking and cracking - Musty                   basements or damp walls - Concrete flooring cracks or heaving - wet basement - concrete waterproofing

Waterproofing Foundation Services

Brick columns or support beam repairs -  Concrete support beams - Exterior below grade concrete aprons and plugging - Interior and exterior perimeter drains - Excavator services, exterior dry wells, french drains - Sump pumps and dry well   installations - Concrete floor crack repairs and coatings - Stone, brick or block pointing and repairs - basement waterproofing - dry basement - water in basement

Basement Sealing Award Winning Services

Removal of all failing plaster and lime joints - Traditional foundation pointing (recommended) -  Stone, brick and block  repairs with pointing - Stucco coatings with elastomeric paints and sealers
Basement wall coatings (fortified cement products)

This Massachusetts basement sealing or basement waterproofing process includes addressing all structural foundation repairs first.

Structural foundation repairs range from setting loose stones and bricks to foundation wall partial rebuilds. If your basement and foundation walls are straight (plumb) then we move on to a thorough inspection of voids and loose masonry, foundation cracks and deteriorated wall joints or plaster coatings.

 Filling all masonry voids and removal of the aged lime (soft, flaky, white masonry) joints and then repairing foundation walls with stone and brick pointing is a must in true basement sealing or waterproofing foundations. Only after the foundation is completely repaired (all voids filled, all holes plugged, all water infiltration stopped, all masonry joints repaired, all bricks repaired, all loose masonry set) then do we move on to waterproofing wall coatings.
We use several different fortified cement based products and elastomeric paints to treat basement walls depending on waterproofing requirements and customer request.

  Simply attempting to coat walls with sealants without masonry repairs is a futile effort often resulting in very poor results at great cost. Magic sprays and mixtures are no match for traditional masonry coatings and repairs. We repair foundations and waterproof basements the old fashioned way, by hand.  We chisel out all failing masonry joints repairing them creating a full repair of your basement and foundation walls.


Waterproofing Foundations
often requires the identification of several issues. Working with New England stone foundation bases and brick foundations for three generations we know what causes wall cracks, foundation failure and water infiltration.

 Our company repairs, rebuilds all brick, block and stone foundations with waterproofing and basement sealing options.


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